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Why should you hire a home inspector? Let ACHI provide you with four simple reasons why.

The Whole Story

Smart home buyers make sure they protect their biggest investment with an objective, unbiased home inspection by ACHI Licensed & Certified Inspector.


Protects the buyer’s rights because ACHI certified inspectors are trained and experienced. ACHI provides full disclosure and peace of mind.


An inspection by an unbiased home inspector will help you find out what you are buying. The TRUE cost of a home is the purchase price plus correction of any problems.

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A 90-Day Limited Home Warranty is provided for the person(s) purchasing the home and a 120-Day Limited Home Warranty is for the person(s) selling the home.

About ACHI

"The Advantage Is Yours!"
all your questions about Home Inspections!

The Home Inspection is performed in accordance with the Standards of Practice of American Inspectors Society and is an examination of the mechanical and physical components of real property as they exist at the time of the inspection through visual means and operation of normal user controls.

What We Do For You:
- We perform a visual inspection in a good workmanlike manner.
- We tell you whether each item we inspect is performing the function for which it was intended or is in need of immediate repair.
- We will explain what we saw about each item.


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